Your Voice

You'll hear politicians talk about transparency and an open door policy.  These are nice ideas, but what do they look like in practice?  Disclosing only what's required by law?  Being available sometimes for citizens who happen to be aware?

I believe those in office should go out of their way to hear what citizens think.  They should go to great lengths to get as much feedback as possible.  They should strive to do what the citizens want for their city.

Some politicians may avoid citizen engagement because passions run high.  They may hope that policies will slip by the public unnoticed until it’s too late.  They may think that they were elected for their superior decision making.  They may think that citizens only get a voice on election day.

We live in a day with so many ways to express our opinions, so many ways to engage in conversation about the issues.  Why are we still governing the same way?  Why aren’t we using these tools to truly represent the people?

I promise I will advocate for you and what you care about.  I don't just want to hear your voice, I want to amplify it.  I don't just want to hear from a few.  I want to hear from every citizen.

Listening to citizens isn’t just a part of my campaign.  It’s my whole legislative philosophy.  I want Murray to be the pinnacle of citizen engagement.

Talk is cheap, promises can be empty, flowery words wilt. I am and have been an advocate for the will of the people of Murray.  I strive to make citizens aware of what is happening and why.  I take your concerns before the council and implore they listen. Win or lose, I will continue to champion your voice.

Your Neighborhood

Many of you have lived in this neighborhood your whole life.  Others plan on doing so for the rest of theirs.  Murray is known as a “Tree City” because we take care of our trees.  It could also mean that we have strong roots, firmly planted in our neighborhood and community.

We should preserve what makes Murray unique and strong.  We should cherish our history and restore its beauty.  We do not need to make Murray “better” for future generations, we need to save the best parts of Murray for our children and theirs.

Not all change is good. Not all projects bring progress.  We should resist change just because it’s new or trendy.  We should resist change that is fleetingly lucrative.  We should resist change for change’s sake.

There is high demand for high density housing.  Murray is highly sought after for its central location.  We have a higher percentage of high density already.  We may see higher taxes due to increased needs.

We need balance in housing. We need balance in our neighborhoods.  We can push back against pressures to upset our balance.  We can push for the type of changes we want to see, if any.  We can push Murray in the right direction.

Murray belongs to you and your children and their children.  You should be consulted about any potential changes.  Your opinion should carry weight. Your opinion should matter.  This is your neighborhood, this is your Murray!

Your Vision

Murray is the best city in Utah. We should act like it.  Murray has the best location.  Murray has the best employees.  Murray has the best people.

Murray is the hub of the county.  Murray is the heart of the valley.  Murray was a center of commerce and can be again.  Murray is destined to be a destination.

You live in Murray because you love Murray.  You love what Murray was and can be again.  We can restore Murray to its former glory.  We can make it a hub of history, arts and culture.

We need to gather our community together.  We need to master plan the future of Murray.  We need to decide the direction that Murray should go.  We need your vision. After all, it’s your Murray!

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