I would love a donation. Campaigns are expensive!

Donate via Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo (see below)

You can also mail a check to my address:
5051 South Treetop Circle, Murray UT 84107

If you know someone who might donate, email me

Parade T-shirts $100-200

Murray Journal Ad $500-700

Lawn Signs $1,000-2000

Door Hangers $1,000-2,000

Mailer $2,000-3,000

If you could donate $10 that would be great

If I get 1,000 people to donate $10, that’s $10,000, 100 people to donate $100 or 10 to donate $1,000.

Ideally, I will raise $10,000

but I will make whatever amount work

Venmo link: https://www.venmo.com/u/Clarkbullen

Venmo Username: @Clarkbullen

If you can donate more, that would be wonderful!

If you know someone who might donate more,

and can introduce me, that would be wonderful!

There is no limit on campaign contributions.

I don't anticipate a lot of organizations like

businesses, political parties, developers,

will be interested in donating as I cant promise

I will do what they want.

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